A downloadable rizzo island demo for Windows

This is a demo for the full game which should be coming out in late 2021.

A new 3D platformer for the Dreamcast!?!?!

This game is a 3D platformer that follows the adventure of my late Uncle Tom Rizzo. He was a musician  who loved making music, and I wanted to honor him in my own special way!


Tom Rizzo was traveling around in his Psychedelevator, trying to find a new place to chill out, when OH NO! HE FELL OUT! Now he has to make his way across the island to get back to the psychedelevator so he can get home! Platform your way across 2 demo levels with music composed by my uncle, and collect the rune stones to complete each level!

Includes the PC game and a Dreamcast CDI disc image to burn (compatible with imgburn)!

The entire published library of Tom Rizzo's music that I have dubbed, "The Tom Rizzo Collection," is also available to download in MP3 and FLAC format. You can also find wallpapers for your computer to download as well!

Uses the Darkplaces (PC) and nuQuake (Dreamcast) Quake Engines

Dreamcast version playable in some Dreamcast emulators, including redream on Android Devices!

WARNING: Some emulators might have problems running the game. This is because the current version of NuQuake uses a low-level port of OpenGL and an outdated version of the KOS audio library. As such, sound effects may not appear or graphical glitches may occur in emulators.

Screenshots are from Dreamcast version of the game and Dreamcast gameplay can be found in the video.

External Reviews:

"Works great and was pretty fun really enjoy the music 
Bravo on a great start! Keep up the good work! I bet this can make an interesting and chill game to sit with." - TacT, Dreamcast-Talk Forums

"Thank you very much for your work, I tested it on my DC and the demo is AWESOME. Some features I would like to highlight:
1) Soundtrack is great and fits the game very well. Tom definitely was a great musician :)
2) Controller is very precise. I have tried some third-person games made with first-person engines (mostly Doom engine) and controllers were not good, so I wasn't expecting much from this... but it actually worked very nice with Dreamcast analog. Kudos!" - TuxTheWise, Dreamcast-Talk Forums

Install instructions

Must have the Visual Studio 2013 and 2017 distributibles on the PC version (included in the itch.io app installer)

For the Dreamcast and Windows 98 version: Use Imgburn or Discjuggler to burn the image.


Rizzo-Demo-Windows.zip 208 MB
Version 32 Oct 28, 2020
Rizzo-Demo-Dreamcast.zip 208 MB
Version 14 Nov 05, 2019
Rizzo-Demo-Windows98.zip 219 MB
Version 13 Dec 15, 2019
rizzo_wallpapers.zip 1 MB
The Tom Rizzo Collection - FLAC.zip 588 MB
The Tom Rizzo Collection - MP3.zip 223 MB

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Neat, still working on it?

Yep! Currently working on a Steam release! With good luck it should be released next year!


Super cool bud, I'll buy it when you're ready.